Doll’s jobs description

  • Promote SELF as a Doll
  • Promote Cleanings (Standard & Doll)
  • Promote and wear Company’s clothing line “DOLLS WEAR”
  • Promote company website
  • Attend bar promotions
  • Network through social media


  • ALL DOLLS receive a Doll’s License
  • ALL DOLLS have an input on the hiring of other Dolls
  • Dolls get to give input on the company’s clothing line “DOLLS WEAR”
  • Slumber parties to bond sisterhoods
  • The “Doll of the Month” receives gifts, money, etc.,
  • Company throws birthday parties for Dolls
  • Trips & vacations
  • Discounts on company products
  • Dolls receive a 20+ percent of their sales through a number printed on their Doll’s License




The Dollhouse Dolls, is designed as an innovative of a work environment as possible, to where during its meetings, Doll will be able to give input and insight to improve the framework of the company and encouraged to debate these ideas.

Become A Doll